Strangling the Beast: Aggressive Financial Tactics to Undermine Russia’s War Effort

A key objective remains unaltered: the comprehensive and effective diminution of Russia’s financial capacity to fund the war. This encompasses several critical measures:

Rigorous assessment of the current sanctions’ efficacy, coupled with an in-depth examination of potential evasion tactics. It is imperative to establish a robust framework to counteract these circumventions.

The establishment of a unique legal framework for Russia, paving the way for the aggressive implementation of “secondary” sanctions against private entities. This initiative is vital for thwarting Russia’s efforts to bypass critical industry restrictions.

The imposition of stringent restrictions on enterprises within European and American territories that are operational in the Russian consumer market and significantly contribute to the Russian budget through tax payments. It is pertinent to note that over 40% of Russia’s budget is allocated for military expenditure, including equipment purchases and mobilization.

The obligatory seizure of all Russian assets that have been frozen, a move that would markedly enhance the funding for Ukraine support initiatives and expedite investments in collaborative military production facilities.

The overarching strategy necessitates imposing maximum financial pressure on Russia for its ongoing war efforts, while concurrently curbing its capacity to procure military and dual-use goods in the global market, particularly those acquired through corrupt means.

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