Ten Russian diplomats suspected of spying in Sweden

Agent recruitment, radio intelligence, cyber espionage, and military planning are severe components of the Russian intelligence threat to Sweden. At least ten Russian embassy diplomats are suspected of working as spies. This is stated in a report by the Swedish Security Service (SAPO) titled “The Threat to Intelligence from Russia.” 

Russian agents recruit for spying in Sweden

SAPO accused Russia of actively recruiting Swedes as spies outside the country. The document states that Swedes working in embassies, international organizations, and companies are of particular interest to Russian intelligence services.

The author of the SAPO report is named only by his rank in the security police, S 1249, and he has the position of senior analyst.

S 1249 states that all three Russian intelligence services operate in Sweden, with details on how they work, how they recruit spies, and how the spies communicate with their agents.

Russian agents work without fear of prison

The SAPO provided details of the Russian war against Ukraine and the prelude to the Russian operation and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

“Russia continuously collects intelligence from the various diplomatic missions in Sweden,” S 1249 established.

According to the newspaper, some of the activities are entirely legal at the Russian embassy in Stockholm, the trade representation on Lidingo, and the consulate general in Gothenburg; however, in practice, these can be likened to spy centers with a diplomatic cover.

The Russian intelligence officers can operate in Sweden without risking prison if they have their diplomatic accreditation as protection.

Russian spies act undercover

“The basis for Russian spies to be able to operate in Sweden is that they can operate undercover as diplomats,” the report notes.

A position of cover as a diplomat means that intelligence officers can carry out “security-threatening activities against Sweden without risking prosecution, and is thus a prerequisite for the activities of Russian intelligence services in Sweden.”

Earlier Swedish security police detained two people in Stockholm on November 22 on suspicion of illegal intelligence activities.

Two people were detained, and it later became known that they were spies from Russia. During the detention of Russian spies, the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom used military, special forces, and helicopters – serious measures were taken to prevent the figures from destroying evidence.

Recall that the Swedish prosecutor’s office demands life imprisonment for the Russian spy.

Russia has sent its agents worldwide and has a destructive influence on society from inside the country. Russian agents support their war, promote Kremlin narratives around the world and endanger the security of EU countries.

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