The 13th sanctions package is to be applied!

The European Union is poised to unveil its 13th tranche of sanctions against Russia on the second anniversary of Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine. The restrictions, set to target 200 entities and individuals, notably exclude import bans, according to reports published by Deutsche Presse-Agentur. While hailed as a significant expansion, the measures focus on freezing the assets of sanctioned parties. Political maneuvering aims to expedite approval with minimal debate among member states. Despite calls from Poland and Baltic nations for import bans on Russian goods, Hungary’s resistance highlights internal divisions. Amidst a narrowing scope for further sanctions, diplomatic sources acknowledge limitations in addressing major economic sectors.

Meanwhile, discussions emerge over redirecting profits from frozen Russian assets to Kyiv, marking a potential milestone in the ongoing crisis. Moscow issues stern warnings against asset seizures, labeling them as theft and threatening retaliatory action against the US and its allies. This position of the Kremlin is explained by the fact that this action of European countries and the US is quite painful for Russia, and, therefore, it is a correct step to limit the military power of the Russians.

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