The 5th Forum of Free Nations of Post-Russia will be held in the European Parliament

On January 31, the 5th Forum of Free Nations of Post-Russia will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels. The official website of the Forum reports it.

Among the speakers are the leader of Ichkeria in exile, Akhmed Zakayev, Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan in exile, Rafis Kashapov, and political scientist Pavel Mezerin, who represents Ingria. The event is co-hosted by Polish members of the European Parliament Anna Fotyga and Kosma Zlotowski.

According to the speakers of the Post-Russia Free Nations Forum, the time for the final dismantling of the last colonial and bellicose empire has come.

Among the participants of the event, there are representatives of Tatarstan, Ingria, Ural Republic, Karelia, Circassia, Confederation of Siberia, Kuban, Pskov Republic, Buryatia, Pacific Federation, Zalessia, Sakha, Udmurtia, Tuva, Bashkortostan, Komi. 

At the 4th Forum, which took place in Sweden in December, the leaders of the nations of the post-Russian space signed a declarative but important symbolic act – “Memorandum on the termination of the Russian Federation.” The document represents a roadmap for a peaceful, constructive, and non-violent dismantling of the Russian Federation.

The Forum of Free Nations of Russia is a communication platform for leaders of regional movements and representatives of indigenous peoples of Russia, which aims a controlled, and non-violent reconstruction of Russia.

Post-Russia reconstruction will include de-imperialization, decolonization, denazification, demilitarization, and denuclearization of the modern Russian state. The ultimate goal is the collapse of the empire, which is currently waging a war of conquest against Ukraine.

The main goals of the Forum of Free Nations of post-Russia:

  • To agree on a peaceful dismantling of the Russian Federation;
  • Highlight the boundaries of future independent states;
  • Confirm the principle of complete and unconditional denuclearization of all post-Russia nations;
  • create a mechanism for the division of assets- debts of the current Russian Federation (including reparations);
  • Develop basic parameters of the post-Russian space, especially in the first few transitional years (economic ties, logistics chains, movement of people and capital, currency issue, etc.)

Expected speakers and guests:

  • representatives of movements of indigenous and colonized regions of present-day Russia,
  • politicians,
  • diplomats,
  • statesmen,
  • journalists from the EU, USA, UK, and Ukraine.

The world recognizes Russia as a terrorist country

On November 23, the European Parliament adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism and a state that uses the means of terrorism. The absolute majority of MEPs supported the resolution.

On October 13, PACE recognized the Russian Federation as a terrorist regime. The resolution was adopted unanimously. Poland and Lithuania also recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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