The ban on the use of Ukrainian symbols was overturned by the Berlin court.

The Administrative Court of Berlin canceled the temporary ban on Ukrainian symbols. This is reported by the Ukrainian civil movement in Berlin,  “Vitsche”. 

The Berlin police wanted to ban the use of St. George’s ribbons, Russian flags, military uniforms, as well as Ukrainian flags in the territory of Berlin where memorial events will take place on May 8, 9. 

“Vitsche,” a group of Ukrainians in Berlin, appealed this decision in the court of Berlin.

“The ban on Ukrainian flags is very short-sighted and unjustified

On May 8th, we Ukrainians, together with other Europeans, commemorate the end of the World War II and the liberation from National Socialism. On this day we also commemorate the more than 10 million Ukrainian victims of WW II. We are appalled that the Berlin police, like last year, issued a general decree prohibiting the public display of Ukrainian flags and symbols at memorial sites on May 8th and 9th, stated in “Vitsche” appeal.

This is equated in edition and design with the Russian flag, the George ribbons and the war symbols “V” and “Z”. This downplays Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and shows deep ignorance of those who suffer. The Ukrainian flag has become an international symbol of solidarity and standing up for freedom and democracy. In Germany, too, the Ukrainian flag flies over many institutions as a sign of cohesion and solidarity.” – said in an appeal.

After the court’s decision, the Berlin police announced that it would not appeal the court’s decision.

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