The Jimmy Dore Show: comedy without a fun & news without a truth

Jimmy Dore' Show

Meet Jimmy Dore, comedian and political commentator turned Russian propagandist and conspiracy theorist. He is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedy talk show, but without the comedy.

His Twitter feed mostly consists of conspiracy theories about COVID-19, criticism of the US president, glorification of Russia, and of course propaganda from the Grayzone bloggers he has invited several times to his show.

Dore pushed for conspiracy theories surrounding Seth Rich’s murder and insisted that “there’s probably more to the story” even after such theories were debunked.

In 2017, Jimmy also claimed that the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun was a flag operation organized by the Assad opposition. He also denied the involvement of the Assad regime in the chemical weapons attacks in Douma.

Bellingcat later confirmed that Doré received $2,500 from a pro-Assad lobbying group. He also featured “independent journalist” Eva Bartlett (in reality she is a supporter of Assad) in a segment on Syria.

Dore has denied Russian influence on the 2016 US election and has been a vocal critic of the special counsel’s investigation into the matter.

He also called the Bucha massacre and the explosion of the hospital in Mariupol as “bullshit under a false flag” and as operations against Russia. By tradition, he did not express any judgments about Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine.

Recently, on his show, Doré spoke with journalist Jenkson Hinkles, in which they discussed the Ukrainian counteroffensive, and stated that it “ended in failure and Ukraine lost thousands of troops.” Also, they both love to talk about the fact that Europe cannot survive without the help of Russia.

Jimmy will attend a meeting of quilters, also known as “Rage Against the War Machine” on Feb 19, where Russian apologists will denounce Western and NATO support for Ukraine. One can bet that during this event, Russia and the genocide it is committing in Ukraine will not be condemned in any way.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Bellingcat does another investigation and it turns out that Jimmy is also taking money and actively working with Russian intelligence services. Therefore, to the fans of these persons, listen ’em carefully and don’t believe everything they say.

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