The Kremlin attempts to influence the US election again

According to the US intelligence information, US President Joe Biden claims that Russia is already attempting to sabotage the US’s November 8, 2022, midterm elections.

In the midterm elections for the US Congress, the Kremlin wants to promote the Republicans. According to intelligence, the White House press office stated Russia is already distributing fake and provoking information to influence Americans’ decisions.

The election will determine who will hold majorities in each chamber of the US Congress. The US reaction to Russia’s war against Ukraine, which is currently the most pressing foreign policy question for the Biden administration, may be significantly impacted by this.

Discrediting US Democrats

Recorded Future has reported the appearance of accounts on social media that may not be real. They don’t reply to messages, and their content is mainly intended to undermine discrediting US President Joe Biden and Democrats in different ways. Additionally, the profiles either lack or contain fake information about users.

“An account with more than 8,000 followers, for instance, only discusses politics and frequently propagates untrue and dishonest posts, not only in one state but all over the country. Users rarely interact with most of them. However, a recent post on the FBI generated 43 replies and was reshared 64 times, “says the study.

According to experts, these accounts are connected to a Russian organization that has already interfered in the 2016 presidential election: a St. Petersburg-based Internet group.

Russia’s primary objective is to ensure that the Republicans win the elections by inciting conservative voters’ anger to reduce military backing for Ukraine.

Social media users’ posts

According to The New York Times, analysts have found some Russian information operations. Russia has already started working on its bots.

The user Gaba, who goes by Nora Berka, is one of these bots. He actively started to publish content on social media with strongly conservative topics.

The articles damage Democrats and the US President to a more significant extent. They also criticize the assistance of Ukraine using taxpayer money. They publish pictures of the president of Ukraine performing in a bikini while being showered with dollars by President Biden, Russian propaganda.

The campaign – using accounts posing as angry Americans such as Nora Burke – has added fuel to the most controversial political and cultural topics in the United States.

Russian propaganda in the United States: deja-vu

The Kremlin has renewed its hacking operations in the US on numerous occasions. According to American intelligence agencies, in 2016 Russia reportedly meddled in the US presidential elections, and made covert attempts to increase Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election. The CIA reached the same conclusions.

These attacks were aimed at the Democratic Party’s emails and a critical aide to US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Officials are confident that Russian hackers managed to enter the computer systems of the Republican National Committee and the Democrats but did not release the information they received from Republican resources.

The Biden administration advises avoiding publishing or posting political materials and practicing “information hygiene.” Since the Russian propaganda impact is possible, read reliable media as much as possible.

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