The operational update regarding the russian invasion on 06.00 on April 11, 2022

The forty-seventh day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion began. A russian federation continues its full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine.
A russian enemy continues to create an offensive group of troops to act in the Slobozhansky direction. Probably in the coming days, a russian occupiers will try to resume the offensive.
In addition, a russian enemy continues to train and send personnel, weapons and equipment to participate in hostilities in Ukraine.
Weapons and military equipment are being prepared at the permanent deployment point of the 60th independent motorized infantry brigade (permanent dislocation point – Monastyryshche, Primorsky Kray) of the 5th Combined Arms Army of Eastern Military District of the of Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of russian federation. It is likely that these weapons will be moved to the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. Also, in order to recover the losses of the battalion tactical group from the 36th independent motorized infantry brigade (Borzya, Transbaikalia region) of the 29th All-Military Army of the Eastern Military District, recruits are being recruited from the brigade. The enemy feels a special problem when recruiting drivers and mechanics-drivers. Departure of the selected personnel from the point of permanent deployment is scheduled for the second half of April this year.
It is possible that the armed forces of the russian federation will carry out provocative actions in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova in order to accuse Ukraine of aggression against a neighboring state.
It is likely that a russian enemy, in order to disrupt the supply of goods to the places of hostilities, will continue to strike at transport infrastructure facilities in Ukraine in order to destroy or disable them.
Certain units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus continue to perform tasks to strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian-belarusian border in Brest and Gomel regions.
In the Slobozhansky direction separate divisions from a warehouse
the 6th Combined Arms Army and Coastal Troops of the Northern Fleet continue to partially blockade the city of Kharkiv, and artillery shelling continues in some areas of the city.
Aerial reconnaissance of the area is underway by russian enemy in the Izium direction in order to identify the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To do this, the enemy uses the UAV “Orlan-10”.
With the help of two battalion tactical groups, the russian enemy tried to launch an offensive in the directions of the settlements of Dovhenke and Dmytrivka, that was unsuccessful, and russian enemy retreated to its former positions.
In the Donetsk direction, a russian enemy continues to focus on taking control of the settlements of Popasna, Rubizhne, Nyzhne and Novobahmutivka, as well as establishing full control over the city of Mariupol.
The russian enemy tried to storm the area of ​​Zolote, but was unsuccessful.
In the city of Mariupol, with the support of artillery and aircraft, the russian occupiers continue to storm the areas of the Azovstal plant and the Seaport.
With the help of independent units, a russian enemy carried out artillery shelling of the positions of our troops in the areas of the settlements of Vysokopillya, Trudolyubivka and Maryanske.
Over the past 24 hours, the defenders of Ukraine have repulsed four enemy attacks in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, destroyed five tanks, eight armored units, six vehicles and eight enemy artillery systems.
We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Let’s win together! Glory to Ukraine!

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