The Russian private military group “Wagner” received fighter jets from the Russian Defense Ministry for the war in Ukraine

Russia mercenary group known as “Wagner” private military company has claimed that its fighters, have used ruthless tactics to try to advance in eastern Ukraine with their land forces in recent weeks.

And in a recent video from the leader of PMC and at the same time Putin’s friend- Yevgeny Prigozhin recorded a video from the cockpit of bomber, as claimed to be Su-24 during a sortie over battleground city Bakhmut. Wagner’s boss challenges Zelenskyy to a Duel aboard a bomber flying over Ukraine.

Why is it dangerous?

Wagner is most famous for its alleged involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine, where it has been accused of providing military support to Russian terrorist forces. The group has also been linked to military operations in Syria, where it has reportedly been involved in supporting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

It’s important to note that the existence of private military companies and their activities raise significant legal and ethical questions, and there have been calls for greater regulation and oversight of PMCs. 

The biggest danger is not only fighter jets in hands of PMC but also Ballistic missiles that could hand over from Iran, or even Nuclear missiles and other tactical weapon. 

The role of PMC in the war in Ukraine continues to grow, and the longer Wagner operates in the war, the more dangerous the situation becomes. And this threat is not only for Ukraine but also for the whole World.

Ukraine’s parliamentary recognizes PMC «Wagner” as a terrorist group.

And the world definitely should react to the situation and recognize PMC Wagner as a terrorist organization with appropriate consequences for the group as Ukraine did

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