The Slovak opposition is in favor of allowing athletes from Russia and Belarus to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games 

Representatives of ex-PM, Roberto Fico’s party “Direction – Slovak Social Democracy (Slovak: Smer-SD)” held a press conference, at which they urged the head of the NOC of Slovakia not to protest against the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the Olympic Games. 

On photo a press conference and a pro-Ukrainian demonstration behind.

Trustworthy, they are talking about the participation of Russian representatives under the neutral flag. At the same time, politicians refer to the appeal “not to politicize the Games.”

Eduard Heger, temporarily acting as the head of the government, stated that “the Olympics should be a symbol of freedom and democracy, and the fact that the representatives of a country that kills children, youth, and civilians cannot participate in the games.”

Currently, the party “Direction – Slovak Social Democracy” has a chance to win the parliamentary elections in the country.

Roberto Fico

The leader of SMER party R. Fico is known for his close relations with Russia and populist position. His anti-government stance, which echoed the statements of anti-vaccinators during the active phase of COVID-19, intensified during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In addition, he became the most active opponent of military cooperation with the US.

Monika Beňová one of the member of SMER-SD party rejected the symbolic move to declare Moscow as a terrorist regime in the resolution of The European Parliament.

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