The whole truth about Russian “deployment wives”

In the summer of 2022, Russian citizen Margarita signed a contract with the occupation army for money and went to the front to kill Ukrainians. However, she was not lucky there – the occupier was sexually harassed by her commander.

Margarita, 43, complained that she could not earn money in Russia. So in June 2022, she decided to sign a contract with the Russian Armed Forces and went to war against Ukraine. At the front, things were not as easy as she had imagined.

She said that while she was still studying, a colonel of the Russian army took an interest in her and decided to keep her at the headquarters. Other soldiers told the woman that “the colonel liked her” and that she would now be his “deployment wife”.

“I asked what it was like, and they said: to cook, wash and satisfy,” described Margarita.

During the war against Ukraine, the colonel continued to harass the woman and created unbearable conditions for her because she refused to have sex with him: Margarita spent the night on the street and was left without rations.

The occupant recalls that every female soldier of the occupying army was taken as a “deployment wife” by an officer. Margarita recalls that she even saw one occupier shoot his “deployment wife” while drunk because he was jealous of her. It was written off as an “attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

According to Margarita, some women were afraid that they would become pregnant by their temporary “patrons”. Also, some of the captives were forced to sleep with several high-ranking officers at once because they were “simply sold”.

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