They eat dogs and bomb zoos: Russian army’s cruelty to animals (18+)

Russian invaders do not care what to destroy – zoos, animal shelters, houses or civilian Ukrainians.

After the liberation of the Kyiv oblast from the Russian invaders by the Ukrainian army, the atrocities of Putin’s soldiers have shocked the world. Stories about civilians who were stripped, raped, unfed and tied up before their barbaric killings have spread around the internet. But the Russian brutes do not stop at that – the animals of Ukraine suffer as much at their hands. continues to publish the crimes of the Russian army on Ukrainian land. This time, about the cruelty of the invaders to animals and birds.

Attention! The article contains sensitive content which is not intended for children (18+)

Hell in the Borodyanka animal shelter

One of the Ukrainian animal welfare organisations has claimed that the volonteers who have reached Borodyanka (Bucha region, Kyiv oblast), were astonished by what they saw – of the 485 animals, only 150 have survived, and they were starved and dehydrated.

The animals of the Borodyanka shelter were locked in their enclosures since the beginning of the war, with no food or water. They have effectively survived on nothing for 30 days.

According to the volunteers, they were able to reach the animals on the 1st of April. They were able to evacuate all the animals to a different shelter, and to take some of the animals under their partial care.

The maimed dog at Gorenka

In Gorenka in the Bucha region, which for a long time has been under constant artillery fire, a wounded dog with many burns was found. The animal was nearly blinded by the invaders’ shelling.

“Myr is not a large dog – only 10kg, but he is very scared about everything that has happened to him, and therefore behaves aggressively and refuses food. After a week of treatment, the dog is doing better, but his rehabilitation will take much longer”, – the volunteers have told us.


Deer receives heavy burns

A deer with horrifying burn injuries was rescued by the residents of Kapitanivka in the Kyiv region. The animal received them due to Russian shelling. According to the photographer who took the pictures, the deer received first air, but still requires a lot of treatment.

Bombardment of the ecopark

A private ecopark in the Kyiv region – a target for the invaders’ shells and bullets since the beginning of the invasion – has taken heavy damage from intensive bombardments. The animal park has been partially ruined and many animals were killed by the invaders. According to the directors of the ecopark, alpacas, a Scottish cow, lamas, a Hungarian grey cow and almost 20 ostriches have died as a result of an artillery strike.

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Volunteers and soldiers were able to evacuate the surviving animals at the beginning of April.

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Veterinary specialists are taking care of the evacuated animals, as they are exhausted.

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The advisor to the head of the office of the president of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak, commenting on the actions of the Russians has pointed out how, before the invasion, kids could visit this park, but Russia has brought starvation and death.

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“Before, families with children could have visited here to feed the animals. Now, only pain, hunger and death brought by Russian soldiers remain. The Ukrainian army is attempting to save the animals who were able to survive. A civilisational rift truly does exist between our two nations”, – he wrote.

Russians bomb an animal shelter

On the 1st of March 2022, the Russian invaders dropped a bomb at the “Best Friends” animal shelter in the Makarivsk region of the Kyiv oblast.

The staff had to open the cages in order to give the animals at least some chance of survival.

The invaders began to eat dogs

SBU (the Ukrainian intelligence bureau) has intercepted a phone call of a Russian invader who talked about killing children in Mariupol and eating dogs.

“Three tank crew members here decided to rape a 16-year-old girl…”, – he says in a call to his wife, who seemed to be amused by this.

Another told his father that they recently ate a Central Asian Shepherd. Even the father seems disgusted: “Our f*cking army. They have completely lost their minds…”

Threw grenades at a dog

Russian invaders killed a dog by throwing grenades at it. The animal died from four fragmentation grenades and was buried right in the yard, according to the owner.

“This was the smartest, kindest dog of any I have ever had… a great friend to my kids. The bloody orcs threw grenades at it for fun, to see how it would die. The cross at the dog’s grave has a grenade pin in it”, – said the owner of the dog in a Facebook post.

Other cruelty of Russia against Ukraine

The dog does not leave its owner, who was shot by the Russians in the Kyiv region.


Pigs who have died due to Russian shelling.

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Ukrainians are saving ostriches which survived Russian bombardments. A dead bird lies nearby.

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After the liberation of Bucha and other towns near Kyiv from Russians, many mass graves have been found, where Russian killers buried dead civilians, who were shot just for being Ukrainian. There are shocking images of mass shootings committed by the criminals of Russia.

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