Threatening Sweden and Finland is Orban

The two Scandinavian nations must stop criticizing his government if they intend to ratify their NATO membership applications shortly, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been delaying the process.

Orban told public radio on February 24 that a parliamentary team would be sent to Sweden and Finland, confirming that these nations should be fair and stop disseminating false information about Hungary if they want Hungary to be fair and accept their NATO membership.

The non-liberal leader of Hungary did not, however, make it clear what specific actions he was calling for before the Hungarian parliament finishes its ratification debate, which is anticipated to start this week.

The only other NATO member state besides Turkey that has not yet granted Sweden and Finland’s requests to join the Western military alliance is Hungary. In reaction to the war, the two nations applied for membership in May. The 30 NATO members must agree in unison to accept a new country.

The problem has not been on the legislative agenda in Hungary for seven months, according to a number of fictitious justifications, including the fact that the parliament had to approve urgent legislative proposals in order to be eligible for EU reconstruction funds.

A day prior to Orbán’s remarks, Lawmakers from the Fidesz faction met to discuss the matter in order to get ready for the upcoming spring session.

“There was a serious debate,” Fidesz leader Mate Kocsis said following the meeting. “Several lawmakers said that Swedish and Finnish politicians had grossly and unjustifiably offended Hungary… over the past few years, and now they are asking for a favor.”

It is becoming increasingly obvious that, like Turkey, the Orban regime is attempting to sway electoral outcomes in Europe. Orban is attempting to draw the attention of world leaders and advance his interests in Europe in this manner. However, the issue is that he backs Putin’s approach, which is disastrous for all of humankind and cannot be tolerated.

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