Tucker Carlson is the golden voice of Russian propaganda in America

American television host Tucker Carlson’s biography, which can be seen on his Twitter account, states that he is an Emmy Award winner, a graduate of Harvard and Yale, frequents the Aspen Institute, is vaccinated against measles, and asks to be called “she/her”. The yellow-blue flag icon shows support for Ukraine. In fact, all these statements are lies, or a kind of bullying that he can feels like doing because his views are well known to his supporters.

He never won an Emmy: before Fox News, all his projects were either failures or not very successful.

He did not graduate from Harvard or Yale: he barely got into an average college, and not the first time and under the protection of his father-in-law.

He, like many conservatives, is a fanatical opponent of vaccination and considers it a conspiracy.

Carlson cannot refer to himself as “she/her” because he is anti-feminist and values ​​masculinity above all else, at least in her public appearances.

Tucker not only does not support Ukraine, but also spreads pro-Russian narratives to his audience of several million television viewers and followers on social networks.

Carlson’s new “documentary” is about the “toxic attack on masculinity” and is called The End of Men. Here is its screenshot. It’s one of the methods he advertises to restore “masculine power.”

Tucker Carlson, the author and host of the most racist and at the same time, the most popular Tucker Carlson Tonight show on the Fox News channel is very fond of “strong leaders” and narrates the theses of Russian propaganda. The problem is that it forms a picture of the world for many Trumpists, a fairly significant segment of American society that supports ex-President Trump.

Before Russia’s massive February 24 attack, he called the war against Ukraine someone else’s “border conflict.” Only for a short period of time, immediately after the open attack, Carlson said on his show: “what Russia did is terrible” and “Putin deserves to be punished” but since March, he continued to spread the main narratives of Russian propaganda.

Bio-laboratories in Ukraine: Carlson says that Hunter Biden, the son of the US president, is connected to bio-laboratories in Ukraine. They are one of the main reasons for Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February 2022.

Ukraine’s defiance is bringing the world closer to disaster: “We have entered a new phase where the United States is in a state of outright war with the world’s largest nuclear power,” Carlson darkly warned his audience after the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. He also suggested that the current president Biden may be behind this, referring to the statement of the US president at the beginning of 2022, in which he assured that he could stop this gas pipeline if necessary.

Russia can’t lose: In August, he mocked claims that Russia would lose the war. “That’s a strange thing. By any factual, reality-based measure, Vladimir Putin is not losing the war in Ukraine. He will win the war in Ukraine,” Carlson said.

On the same day, the Armed Forces launched a counteroffensive, as a result of which Russian soldiers fled from thousands of square kilometers of territory, throwing away weapons and ammunition. After that, Carlson returned to the opinion, which is also very common on Russian TV, that it is not Ukraine that is at war with Russia, but the entire Western world, especially Britain and the USA.

Ukraine is a pawn in the West’s war against Russia: “We are arming Ukraine so that we can punish Russia. Why? For stealing Hillary Clinton’s coronation!”

It is clear that Carlson sympathizes with Putin, in large part because of his animosity toward Biden and the Democrats. However, the Fox News host is sympathetic not only to Putin and Donald Trump, but also to other authoritarian leaders.

Carlson shows particular affection for Hungarian President Viktor Orbán, who many consider Putin’s Trojan horse in the European Union. Carlson also purposely visited Brazil to praise its right-wing leader, Jair Bolsonaro. He defended Syrian dictator and Russian ally Bashar al-Assad and questioned his culpability for atrocities documented by UN rights groups.

Carlson has already received a special award from Russia: as early as March, the secretaries from the Kremlin, which come to the Russian media, called for the use of videos from his show as often as possible. He is the only Western television commentator who received such an “honor”.

All the time after Russia’s massive attack, its propagandists have used Carlson in a similar pattern: his comments on Ukraine largely coincide with Putin’s statements. After each such comment, Russian TV shows the monologues of the TV presenter translated for the Russian audience, as proof that Putin is right, because “the most popular TV presenter in America” ​​says the same thing.

Such cooperation irritated even some right-wing conservatives, who, although happy to attack Biden, see that Carlson is so pro-Putin that he is becoming hostile to his country.

Eric Bolling, a well-known conservative commentator and host of the Newsmax site: “It turns out that Russian state media is using clips of Tucker Carlson from Fox News to support Vladimir Putin’s military efforts in Ukraine,” Bolling comments. “Russian state media are using Tucker Carlson, apparently an American, to prove their position that Russia is a victim.”

Will the victory of Trumpists become a problem for Ukraine?

On November 8, the US midterm elections will be held, and according to forecasts, the Democrats have a small chance of retaining the majority in Congress, but they will keep the Senate. The question that many are interested in now is how big will be the influence of Trump’s supporters at the state level and in Congress, and will they reduce aid to Ukraine?

Tucker Carlson uses the hottest topics of his audience to increase his popularity. The main idea is the decline of good old America, the decline of a world ruled by white masculine men. Accordingly, immigration, or anything unconventional that threatens this ideal conservative USA, is declared the greatest evil.

As in the case of many countries in Europe, in addition to money, Russia uses a set of very different ideologies in the United States to attract as many radicals as possible to its side. The ultra-left is being hung up on American imperialism (although Russia is now the most extremist imperialist country in the world). The ultra-right and neo-conservatives are told about the common defense of traditional values ​​and the threat from LGBT. Perhaps that is why, knowing his audience well, Carlson supports Putin – “a strong white leader, a supporter of traditional values.” However, subject to continued success by Ukraine’s defense forces, even most Trumpists will sympathize with the winning country, the underdog in this battle with Russia – especially if that audience is constantly reminded that Ukraine is now like a British colony in 1783: a nation of free people, that took up arms to defend her freedom.

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