Two Russian Officials Involved in Deportation of Ukrainian Children to Face Sanctions

Dmitry Demidov and Elena Demidova, proposed by the Ukrainian Human Rights Regional Center to be included in sanction lists, are actively involved in the unlawful deportation of Ukrainian children from territories occupied by Russia. Dmitry Demidov, the head of the Novopolotsk City Executive Committee in the Vitebsk region and a member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus, plays a key role in transporting children from occupied Ukrainian territories to Novopolotsk for “re-education.” He collaborates with the Alexey Talay Foundation on this matter. With Demidov’s assistance, two trips have already been organized for over 40 children — in December 2022 and September-October 2023. The official refers to these children as “Russian,” thereby recognizing and supporting the annexation of Ukrainian territories.

Demidov has facilitated the educational process for the deported children, aiming to eradicate their Ukrainian identity and enforce Russification. He also assists in temporarily placing Ukrainian children in Belarusian families.

Elena Demidova is also actively involved in the deportation of young Ukrainians. As the head of the occupation administration of Yevpatoria, she fully supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the annexation of Ukrainian territories. Since October 2022, Demidova has aided the forced deportation of at least 600 children from the Kherson region supposedly for “rest and recuperation” in Yevpatoria camps. For example, in March 2023, she personally visited the “Luchisty” camp in Zaozerny, where at that time 84 children aged 7 to 17 from Kherson and the region were staying.

Elena Demidova assists in organizing the educational process according to Russian educational standards for forcibly displaced children and participates in activities aimed at fostering patriotism for Russia in Ukrainian children.

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