U.S. Tech in Russian Arms: Alarming Discovery of American Components in Lethal Iskander-K Missiles

In a striking revelation, U.S. enterprises have been identified as suppliers of critical components for Russia’s lethal Iskander-K missiles. A meticulous analysis of the Russian cruise missile 9M727 ‘Iskander-K,’ responsible for the deaths of seven civilians, including a young girl in Chernihiv, has unearthed the use of American-made components in its guidance system. This unsettling discovery, confirmed by experts, pinpoints the missile’s production date to no earlier than March 2023, thus indicating a continued supply of these components to Russia after its large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Highlighted among the components are microchips from notable American firms such as SPANSION (NOR Flash 16Mb 3V 70ns Parallel NOR Flash S29AL016J70BFI010), Maxim Integrated Products (Universal GPS receiver MAX2769 (MAX2769ETI+), Integrated Silicon Solution (1M x 16 HIGH-SPEED LOW POWER ASYNCHRONOUS CMOS STATIC RAM IS62WV102416BLL-25tli DU6640Y2 2228) and Analog Devices (RS-232 Interface – [TSSOP-16]: TX: 2; RX: 2: ADM3202ARUZ-REEL7). This alarming intersection of American technology with Russian military aggression underscores a critical breach in the non-proliferation of advanced technologies to hostile regimes.

In light of these findings, a clarion call is being made for a global consensus against the dissemination of sensitive technologies to states like Russia, recognized for their terroristic tendencies. This development raises serious ethical questions and casts a shadow on the global commitment to peace and security, urging a swift and unified response to prevent the misuse of Western technology in acts of aggression.

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