Ukraine’s use of Western weapons against Russian territory is a turning point in the war

The use of Western weapons against Russian territory is a turning point in the war. With the acquisition of new capabilities, Ukraine can now strike Russian personnel and equipment in Russia, but with some restrictions.

In comparison, it’s like a “stinger” against the Soviet troops in the Afghanistan war.

In a short period of time, the Ukrainian Army has already shown excellent results in engaging Russian S-300/400 AD batteries.

Russia is trying to keep as silent as possible about US permission to use American-provided weapons on the territory of the Russian Federation. For Russians, this is a huge trigger, as well as proof that nuclear blackmail has not passed—they have been betting on it for two years, and it does not work. And talking about not only the US but also about other NATO members and European countries that allow the use of their weapons on Russia.

Which nations allowed Ukraine to use their weapons against Russian territory

The USA allowed Ukraine to use HIMARS systems and artillery to respond to the shelling of Kharkiv from Russian territory.

The Netherlands is not opposed to Ukraine using the F-16s transferred by the country to strike military targets on the territory of Russia. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark also stated that Ukraine will be able to use Danish F-16 fighter jets to strike military targets in the Russian Federation. 

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz allowed Ukraine to use weapons transferred by Germany to attack Russian territory, Politico reported.

The new front in the Kharkiv region became a trigger. Now Russia has to think twice about whether to attack the Sumy region or the Chernihiv region.

There’s still time for change

Granting permission to use American weapons on Russian soil proved worthwhile, as the results began to appear immediately.

However, the problem is that Russia has dramatically increased the production of glide bombs but cannot increase the production of planes to deliver them. Accordingly, destroying planes and bombs will not be useful over time. Hitting deeply into airfields will give Ukraine an advantage.

The Russians will have to move their aircraft 150–300 kilometers deep into their own territory, but even their other types of armor will track them down. 

Thus, Moscow’s attempt to create a so-called “sanitary zone” in the Kharkiv region has created the same zone in the Russian border regions.

No worries about an escalation

Shifting U.S. policy would improve Ukraine’s military situation with minimal risk of Russian escalation. Russia cannot indefinitely sustain disproportionate losses in men and materiel.

Removing all constraints on U.S. military assistance will enable Ukraine to attract Russian forces and overcome its superior numbers, especially at a time when renewed Russian attacks are putting pressure on Ukraine.

The United States and its allies should take advantage of Russia’s necessary restraint against NATO and do more to help Ukraine defeat Russia. The Biden administration was understandably careful early in the war. There is now room for a far more intensive U.S. role.

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