Ukraine will receive American Abrams tanks in September

For the first time, specific dates for the supply of tanks for the Armed Forces from the USA were specified. The first American Abrams can appear on the battlefield in Ukraine as early as September.

In August, several Abrams will be transported to Germany, where they will be reequipped and sent to Ukraine. The chosen time is not accidental, as the approximately 10-week training course of Ukrainian fighters at the Grafenwehr military base in Germany, where they are currently located, ends in August. 31 training tanks will remain for training purposes..

Before delivery to Ukraine, the Abrams will be refitted in Germany, including removing “the most sensitive technologies” such as depleted uranium armor.

The first batch will consist of six to eight tanks; in general, the Pentagon plans to send 31 Abrams to Ukraine, which corresponds to the technical armament of one tank battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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