Ukraine’s fighter pilot training on F-16s is a message to Putin not to pin his hopes on achieving his goal

The US president’s decision to instruct pilots on F-16 fighters sends a clear message to the president of Russia: achieving his goals through a drawn-out war isn’t a viable strategy. Allies stand ready to give Ukraine their long-term backing.

Scholz highlighted, “Although we do not have F-16 aircraft, Germany is significantly invested in equipping Ukraine with air defense systems, armored technology, and heavy artillery”.

In addition, he commented on Moscow’s threats regarding aircraft and noted that they had been voiced before.

The top priority is the collaborative defense support for Ukraine. At present, Germany stands as the second-largest contributor of financial, humanitarian, and military aid to Ukraine,” the German Chancellor noted, also referring to a newly unveiled package of supplies amounting to 2.7 billion euros for this and the coming year.

The German leader reaffirmed his call to Russia: halt the war and withdraw the troops. He urged everyone to remember that Russia’s aggressive attempts to take a large portion of Ukraine by military force are underway. The Kremlin should not implement its plans, as this violates the international order and threatens peace and security in the world, the politician emphasized.

He further pointed out that discussions about security guarantees will be essential in the future. These guarantees will encompass considerations regarding the extent of military aid partners will extend to Ukraine going forward. Post-war, Ukraine is expected to be armed with weapons produced in the West, according to the politician.

We would also like to remind you that the German Ministry of Finance declared that Russian assets worth exceeding 5.2 billion euros have been frozen within the country as a result of the Kremlin’s intrusion into Ukraine.

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