‘Ukrainians must freeze and rot’, Russian propaganda hails airstrikes on energy infrastructure

Russia TV propaganda anchor and lawmakers claim that the missile strikes against Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure are meant to express Russia’s “holy hatred” towards Ukrainians and push them to overthrow president Zelensky. Russian propaganda’s sick fantasy and fascist measures are being taken to a new extent.

Russians call the bombing of Ukrainian critical infrastructure a “holy hatred”

“We’re not just striking all kinds of substations, but also the gas infrastructure”, one participant on the TV show said.

Russian propagandists boasted about destroying the critical energy infrastructure of Ukraine. They say that it’s the right strategy for Moscow to win the war. Russian terrorist regime is proud of destroying Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure, calling it “holy hatred”. 

Russian propagandists and politicians call for its leadership to continue ruthless airstrikes against Ukraine and destroy the critical energy infrastructure. 

“Ukrainians must freeze and rot” – Russian propagandist

The Russian invaders make no secret of their goals of genociding the Ukrainian people, demanding that everyone on Ukrainian territory “freeze and rot”. 

“Ordinary Ukrainians must freeze or rot”, a participant shouted. Other radical Russians on the propaganda TV supported him that freezing Ukrainian civilians will prompt a capitulation.

Russian propaganda acknowledged that the Russian army attacked Ukraine to capture territories

The Russian propagandist admitted that Russia invaded Ukraine “not to liberate anyone,” but to capture whatever Russia perceives as its own, including Kyiv, and terrorizing Ukrainians into shedding their national identity and being afraid” to breathe wrong in Russia’s direction.”

It’s all you need to know about the true intentions of the Russian terrorist regime. 

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