UK’s Defense Intelligence: sanctions could help to stop Russian missile terror

According to British intelligence, although Russia has increased production of critical munitions frequently used in Ukraine, such as artillery shells, sanctions are likely to affect Russia’s more sophisticated and complex weapon systems. These production and development systems almost certainly rely increasingly on foreign components and technologies.

Sanctions will continue to undermine key resources for the Russian defense industry. Russia’s isolation limits the number of countries it can directly trade with, increasing the time and cost of acquiring goods it once could purchase freely, according to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, Russia is still able to get the supplies, even with much higher prices or waiting time. Russian army used 108 missiles and drones against Kyiv city in March alone.  So its vital to increase the control over sanctions against Moscow’s defense industry.

Furthermore, this sanctions could help to reach another important goal:  disrupt both the demand and supply of Russian arms exports and significantly complicate payment mechanisms to Russia. This has almost certainly contributed to a significant reduction in Russian arms exports and increased delivery delays, including to some of the remaining major arms clients, according to the British Ministry of Defense. This will reduce the flow of foreign currency to the Russian budget, which will limit the Kremlin’s ability to continue its war against Ukraine.

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