US State Department: permission for Ukraine to strike targets in Russia will not escalate the war

Matthew Miller, Spokesman of the US State Department stated that the US permission for Ukraine to use American weapons for strikes on the territory of Russia will not increase the level of escalation in the war against Ukraine.

Miller made this statement during the press briefing at the US State Department.

When asked whether Washington believes that by allowing Ukraine to use American weapons against the Russian Federation, it is intensifying the escalation, the representative of the department replied: “We do not think so.”

“We will continue to take appropriate measures in response to President Putin’s actions to allow Ukraine to defend itself. But again, it is Russia that is the aggressor here,” Miller said.

He emphasized that it is the Russian Federation that brings its military equipment to the border and uses it to target civilian objects in Ukraine, therefore the US believes that Ukraine should be able to defend itself.

“Vladimir Putin himself is constantly escalating this conflict again and again, in particular with these latest actions. And we believe that this is an adequate response (ed. – to grant permission to Ukraine to use American weapons)”, the State Department spokesman said.

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