V Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia: online referendums in Russia announced

The IV Forum of Free Peoples of Post-Russia is taking place in Helsingborg, Sweden. Its main goal is a complete, controlled, and non-violent reconstruction of Russia.

Organizers and participants of the Forum discuss the collapse of Russia as the last colonial empire in Europe.

At the Forum, Member of the Ukrainian parliament Oleg Dunda said that Kyiv could help hold online referendums in specific territories of the Russian Federation that may claim to secede from the Russian Federation.

Kuban, Kaliningrad, Ingria, and the Urals can held referendums

It is about five regions – Siberia, Kuban, Königsberg (Kaliningrad), Ingria (St. Petersburg), and the Urals.

According to Dunda, European observers may be involved in recording the results of the referendums. He hopes that social networks still operating in the Russian Federation will be involved in promoting the referendums.

According to Dunda, some regions already held their referendums on self-determination in the 90s. Still, the will of these peoples was ignored by Moscow (the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Bashkiria, Republic of Kalmykia, Republic of Buryatia). 

These nations also have the right to secede from the Russian Federation.

Free Peoples Post-Russia Forum brings together regional leaders in exile

The Free Peoples Post-Russia Forum is a platform for bringing together regional leaders, activists, and opposition politicians committed to Russia’s immediate transformation. The participants of the Forum discuss specific goals and resources to achieve maximum effectiveness – to gain independence.

More details about the Forum program are available here.

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