Victims of Russian aggression call for a closed sky

Life, how much does it cost? Every minute Russian army kills innocent people in Ukraine. Their soldiers kill innocents with hand arms, with mines, rockets, artillery fire, and airstrikes. They have to stop, for there’s no real reason to war. But they don’t.

After 10 days of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian army has gathered enough power and will to push Russian troops and artillery further from the biggest cities, such as Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, or Kyiv. Ukrainians can hold the line. So Russians began to use airstrikes with aerial non-guided bombs. Those weapons are inaccurate. Russian pilots are afraid to get closer to the Ukrainian army’s positions. So they are dropping bombs only unto “safest” targets. Safest for them, sure.

Some of their pilots, like mayor Krasnoyartsev, who was captured near the city of Chernihiv, are known for bombardments in Syria. They act as cowards, “fighting” only innocent people, bombing civilian houses and infrastructure. That is terror tactics, approved by the Russian high command when their blitzkrieg went the wrong way.
And every second now costs lives. Lives of civilian people. But there are actions, which could stop those bombardments. People of Ukraine plea to close Ukrainian sky.
To save lives. To prevent nuclear terrorism, that Russian troops performing now on Ukrainian nuclear plants. To prevent deaths, blood, and destruction. Think for a minute. How much does it cost for you? Nearly nothing. But for Ukrainian people it costs lives. So please, spare some time and ask your authorities about one thing.

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