We must stop Russia’s genocidal war and murders of Ukrainian kids

Children bear the full brunt of imperialistic Russia’s attempts to destroy Ukrainian statehood through its colonial and genocidal war on Ukrainians. The Russian military has been killing Ukrainian children through missile and drone strikes on residential areas in Ukrainian cities.

The Russians are murdering Ukrainian kids in the war zone. Russian mines and rockets have wounded and mutilated many Ukrainian children.

Russian invaders abduct and forcibly deport Ukrainian children in seized territory. Their purpose is to destroy anything Ukrainian in children and “re-educate” them in camps to become what the bloodthirsty despot Putin desires them to be.

The Kremlin tyranny is working to produce new generations of obedient young men who will go to kill on the orders of the government, not just in Ukraine but also throughout Europe. This is yet another case of genocide against the Ukrainian people. The Hague Tribunal has placed Putin on the wanted list for these war crimes.

The Russian war has impacted every child in Ukraine. Children across the country study in permanent danger as missile threats and air alarms sound daily. Russian missiles are destroying schools and kindergartens, even 1000 kilometers behind the front line.

Every Ukrainian child is not sure whether their school will still exist tomorrow or whether they will be able to study. Putin’s regime has ruined their childhood.

We must stop this genocide of the Ukrainian people and the massacre of children as soon as possible! Putin’s atrocious war has been ongoing for almost two years! It is time to impose an embargo on all trade with Russia. Not to delay with full-fledged sanctions.

Provide Ukraine with all of the weapons it requires now. Ukrainians are holding out. But time is running out, and it’s working for Russia. We must act now!

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