What is the main problem with the Russian TV channel “Dozhd”?

On December 2, the well-known blogger Arkady Babchenko drew attention to the speech of the host of the Dozhd TV channel, who called on the relatives of the mobilized Russians to tell about the problems in the Russian army in order to help them with equipment. “We hope we were able to help a lot of soldiers”.

A huge scandal ensued – it turned out that the Russian liberal media is actually helping Kremlin to wage war against Ukraine. After unconvincing refutations from Dozhd-TV and the eventual dismissal of the aforementioned host (who was made a scapegoat), it turned out that some people do not understand what the main problem of such liberal Russian media as Dozhd TV.

If this Russian liberal media simply collected funds to help Russian soldiers, the damage would be much less, despite all the ethical dubiousness of such help to the army of occupiers, rapists and looters.

The problem is that this TV channel, receiving funding from the European Union, while being safe in the territory of the European Union, using the rights and freedoms that operate in the European Union, is working to strengthen the Russian empire.

By highlighting Russian problems, such as with supplies of the Russian army, Dozhd TV helps to solve these problems.

To solve not in an individual case, but on the systemic level: for the army as a whole. For example, in this particular case the purpose of Rain is not that a thousand Russian soldiers were clothed and lived in warmth. No, the goal is for all 300,000+ newly mobilized to be clothed, shod, fed and live in comfort in order to more effectively kill people in Ukraine.

That is, even now, after almost a year of war, after Mariupol and Buchi, after the almost broken by Russian rockets Ukrainian grid system, Dozhd TV channel continues to systematically fight corruption in the Russian army, so that it became more effective.

We hope Latvia will withdraw the license for Dozhd TV and will no longer allow improving the effectiveness of the Russian army and other state institutions of Russia from its territory.

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