What the explosions in Iran mean for Ukraine and the world: three conclusions 

This weekend drones attacked a military plant in Iran’s central city of Isfahan. The deputy head of security for Isfahan governorate Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari said the explosion caused some damage, “but fortunately there were no casualties.” 

The state news agency IRNA later stated that the explosion had been caused by “small drones.” The ministry said the attack took place at 10:30 p.m. local time. The plant is about 440 kilometers (270 miles) south of Tehran.

The attack comes amid heightened tensions over Iran’s nuclear programme and its supply of arms to Russia’s war in Ukraine. But what does this actually mean for Ukraine and the world?

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi during an evening speech near one of the downed Shahed-136 drones used by Russia to attack Ukraine, October 27, 2022

First, it will likely reduce Iran’s supply of arms to Russia. For example, “kamikaze” drones Shahed 136 are used by the Russian military to carry out terrorist attacks on peaceful cities in Ukraine.

Because, as previously reported, Iran plans to supply Russia with ballistic missiles. In general, it follows that the danger from the air for Ukraine will decrease. On the other hand, Iran is likely to focus more on its security than on the arms trade.

The “kamikaze” drones have been deployed to attack Ukrainian civilian sites and critical infrastructure facilities since September. Some reports have said that the alleged Israeli strike exactly targeted Iran’s drone program.

Secondly, it demonstrates to all political partners of Russia, who support its terrorism and genocide in Ukraine, that helping Russians makes such a country complicit in crimes. Accordingly, such a country, namely its political leadership, will be punished no matter where it is in the world. Supporting Russia’s aggressive actions entails responsibility.

Thirdly, the war of aggression that Russia started against Ukraine is gradually turning into a real global conflict with completely unpredictable consequences. In order to stop it, it is necessary to appease Russia as soon as possible and help Ukraine while there is still time.

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