What did the German Brigadier General say about Russia?


According to head of the Ukraine special staff at the German Defense Ministry, Brigadier General Dr. Christian Freuding Russia has failed.
“Russia has failed strategically, Russia has failed operationally, and Russia has failed morally”. The intended regime change in Ukraine failed, there are countless deaths, and Russia is economically and politically isolated.

Nevertheless, Russia should not be underestimated, says Freuding. “Russia still has an unbelievable reservoir of material and personnel.” Further partial mobilization cannot be ruled out, and the air and naval forces have only been involved in the war to a limited extent. Added to this is Russia’s nuclear potential.

It is admirable what the Ukrainian combatants have done since the war began on February 24, he continues. They stopped the Russian invasion with initially manageable means, took the initiative and finally won back significant parts of their country.

According to Brigadier General, whether Ukraine can endure the war also depends on further support from the West. “And our message is clear: we will support Ukraine as long as it is necessary, with all our strength, with what we can.”

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