When you choose between infamy cooperating with Russia and Iran’s nuclear bomb, at the end you got both of these.

Israeli officials told Western Diplomats in recent weeks: “We fear the Russians will support Iran in their nuclear program in exchange of Tehran supplying weapons to Moscow”, correspondent of public Israeli broadcaster Amichai Stein informs on his twitter account.

In recent weeks, Israeli officials have warned of the rapprochement between the two countries. The head of the Mossad publicly warned on Thursday that “we are also warning today about Iran’s future intentions to deepen and expand the supply of advanced weapons to Russia.”

Russia can help Iran not only in assembling a bomb but also in launching the bomb: it will take Iran between 1-2 years to gain the ability to install the bomb on a missile. Russia can help the Iranians shorten the time.

Eugene Finkel, professor from Johns Hopkins SAIS talks about a very serious strategic failure by Israeli politicians: “Mazl tov to Israeli politicians and IDF strategists, latest in the long line of suckers who thought they found a modus vivendi with Putin only to be thrown under the bus. Like others, they were warned but ignored these warnings. They also did this post-February (latest attack against Ukraine by Russia), so zero sympathy.”

So how many additional examples we need to be sure that Russia is not an reliable partner for any country, even for a Russia itself? The only logical course of action for Israel against this scenario, is to provide Ukraine all means to quickly defeat Russia: give Ukraine iron dome, some Merkavas and some long range artillery, and the war will be over before too much cooperation can be consummated. Defeat in the war will be the end of Putin and likely cooperation with Iran.

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