Which countries have banned Kremlin’s propaganda channel – Russia Today?

According to a special report by the European Union on misinformation and manipulation of information in the global information landscape, Russia has been designated as the disinformation country of 2022. The report reveals that Russia spreads false information through various official channels, internet channels, and state-run media, with one of the prominent platforms being the Russia Today TV channel, which reaches out to foreign audiences. Ukraine has urged all countries to prohibit the broadcasting of this channel, and the infographic below lists the countries that did it:

The European Union centrally suspended the broadcasting of RT (RT English, RT UK, RT Germany, RT France and RT Spanish) on its territory last March – until the end of Russian aggression. The decision of the Council of the EU, which obliged to take such a measure, stated that Russia, through the mass media controlled by it, conducts a “propaganda campaign that justifies aggression against Ukraine and is directed against the civil society of the EU, grossly distorting and manipulating the facts.”

They tried to challenge the decision, but in the summer the European Court of General Jurisdiction upheld the ban.

Until now, some countries banned Russia Today from broadcasting on their territory. In particular, Lithuania and Latvia did this in 2020.

The Russian TV channel RT America, which has been broadcasting since 2010, has ceased operations in the United States. The company closed offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Canada has blocked RT and RT France. In the decision of the authorized body, it was said that the products of the TV channels do not meet the standards laid down in the law and they are also trying to undermine the sovereignty of Ukraine and democratic institutions in Canada.

Great Britain revoked the licenses of RT and RT UK at the same time, in March 2022. In Australia, a similar decision was made earlier—on February 26. Russia Today is also blocked in Switzerland and Montenegro.

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