German Vice-Chancellor called on China to stop circumventing sanctions against Russia

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck called on China to stop diverting exports of European goods to Russia that could be used in the war against Ukraine.
As Bloomberg reports, after talks with China’s Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and Minister of Industry and Technology Jin Zhuanglong in Beijing, Gabek told reporters that the EU will not agree to circumventing the sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation.
“If the goods used in the military complex will no longer be imported from China, it will also help the economic relations between our two countries,” he emphasized.
The Vice-Chancellor of Germany noted that China’s trade with the Russian Federation increased by more than 40% last year, and that only a little more than half of this growth is energy carriers, and the rest is so-called dual-purpose goods.
Habeck said that he raised the issue in talks with Chinese government officials after they complained that Germany was making it difficult for China to invest in the technology sector and was also imposing stricter controls on exports of critical products such as dual-use goods.
The day before, Habek once again warned the Chinese government about the economic consequences of supporting Russia in the war against Ukraine.

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