April 28: Digest from Eastern Ukraine

  • Russian troops continue heavy bombing the field hospital at Azovstal steelworks. There are casualties among wounded defenders. 
  • According to the “Azov” regiment, the last night Russian occupiers conducted about 50 air strikes and dropped a large number of phosphorus bombs on Mariupol. “Azov” called on the authorities to take decisive measures to lift the blockade of the city or evacuate residents and defenders.
  • On the night of April 28, the Russian army continued to fire on the Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk regions, tried to advance towards Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk region.
  • The Russian army has carried out a missile strike on an inactive factory in the Synelnykove district of Dnipropetrovsk region.
  • Russian troops have carried out a missile strike on Zaporizhzhia. According to preliminary information, 3 people have been wounded and 2 private houses damaged.
  • Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant captured by Russians has reduced power as the high-voltage line was damaged.
  • Kharkiv region: Russians killed 5 and injured 11 civilians 
  • A railway bridge used by the Russian military to deliver weapons and fuel from occupied Crimea has been blown up in the town of Yakymivka in Zaporizhzhia region, according to local media reports.
  • The utility systems in the Luhansk region have been almost completely destroyed as a result of hostilities, so it will not be possible to restore the water supply in the city of Lysychansk until the fighting is over.
  • Russian occupiers have deported more than 30,000 people from Mariupol to Russia – head of the Military Administration.
  • Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated a village in the Kharkiv region and held back the Russian Federation’s offensive – a summary of the General Staff.
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