April 9: Eastern Ukraine digest

·   Ukrainian authorities evacuated 4,532 people from the temporarily occupied territories through humanitarian corridors.

The Russians refused to allow buses to evacuate people from Berdyansk, Tokmak and Enerhodar on a pre-agreed route. They have returned to Zaporizhzhia and will try again tomorrow to reach these cities to evacuate our citizens.

Source: statement by the Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine

·   Bodies of killed civilians were found on the outskirts of Mariupol in an underground passage near the Sadky neighborhood.

Special military occupation groups take hundreds of corpses to such handling points around the city every day. The largest handling point is located in a warehouse at the exit to village Stariy Krym. There the invaders burn the bodies in mobile crematoria or bury them in mass graves.

·       Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of the temporarily occupied city of Melitopol, said that the occupation administration was forcibly recruiting civilian men to join the Russian army.

·   The number of civilians killed in the Russian strike on the Kramatorsk train station has risen to 52, with 109 people injured. At the time of the strike, there were more than 4,000 people at the station, mostly women and children.

·   Oleksandr Honcharenko, mayor of Kramatorsk, announced that all residents of Kramatorsk would be evacuated urgently from the railway station using cars and other vehicles.

·   Law enforcement officers have launched a series of criminal proceedings on the facts of abuse and rape of women and girls by Russians in the Donetsk region. More about brutal rape by Russians here:

·   The invaders hit a nitric acid storage tank again near Rubizhne, Luhansk Region

·       Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed 4 attacks of the Russian troops, destroyed 4 tanks and 1 helicopter, and killed 50 Russian soldiers in the territory controlled by the “East” Operational and Tactical Group

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