Berlin Brotfabrik Theatre cancels pro-Russian film screening

On Sunday, two films by the German-Russian journalist Alina Lipp were to be shown in the Brotfabrik Theatre in Berlin. Alina’s Lipp propaganda event in Berlin was canceled by @BrotfabrikBln. The decision to cancel the event came after the organizers received more information on the nature of her work. 

In the message, the Brotfabrik Theatre also thanks for the many critical letters and comments on social media profiles, which show “how attentive and politically sensitive” the people in the “environment” of the cultural institution would be. It goes on to say: “Of course, we firmly reject the propaganda of Alina Lipp and other actors!”

Alina Lipp

German-Russian “filmmaker” Alina Lipp is considered the mouthpiece of Russian propaganda. The Göttingen Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating them for approving the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. Lipp is one of the most productive authors of content aimed at a German audience. With no access to the mainstream media in Germany, she actively uses Telegram, Youtube and social networks.

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