Canada Has Approved a New Sanctions Package against Russia

Melanie Joly, the minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, has announced a new sanctions package dedicated to the second anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. According to Melanie Joly, Canada is sending a clear message to officials of the Russian Federation that the Government of Canada and its citizens support the people of Ukraine, defending their land in the face of unjustified and aggressive actions taken by the Kremlin and the Russian Armed Forces.

Canada has announced the sanctions package against Moscow in coordination with the United Kingdom and the United States. These restrictions apply to 153 legal entities and 10 individuals in Cyprus and the Russian Federation. The list of sanctions comprises logistics companies and enterprises, supplying components for drones and Kalibr cruise missiles, and providing research, insurance, and repair services to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Moreover, Canada has introduced a ban on exports of dual-use goods used for manufacturing weapons and waging a war against Ukraine to Russia. Furthermore, this ban is imposed on detonators and explosives used in the construction and mining industries.

Notwithstanding the approval of the new sanctions package, the Western countries should continue taking measures to prevent Russian allies from assisting the rogue state in waging a war against Ukraine and killing thousands of innocent Ukrainian civilians.

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