Children of dictatorship and propaganda

While Russian officials and propagandists continue to “feed” Russians with speeches about patriotism, about sacrificing their lives for their country, their children are successfully living on stolen money in western countries, receiving elite education, and owning real estate worth millions of dollars.

For decades, Russian propaganda has spread the myth of the “Rotting West,” but the top brass has continued to pour billions of dollars into the West, with its democratic values, which have been actively smeared by those close to Putin, in particular, to buy expensive real estate and educate their children.

Let us see who among the children of propagandists and political criminals was educated abroad and holds multiple citizenships.

Elizaveta Peskova is Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov’s daughter

For many years, the girl lived in a luxury flat on Avenue Foch in Paris with her mother Catherine Solotsinskaya and her two brothers Mick and Denis. She attended the University of Paris after graduating from Ecole de Roches, an elite private boarding school. She returned to Moscow after finishing her education and was immediately promoted to a senior position.

Ekaterina Vinokurova is Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s daughter.

Despite being the daughter of one of Russia’s most powerful politicians, Ekaterina was born in the United States, in New York City. She grew up in an affluent Manhattan neighborhood and attended Columbia University, where she majored in political science. In London, she completed her master’s degree in economics.

Ekaterina, it is claimed, now lives in Moscow and works as the director of Christie’s Russian branch. She is married to businessman Alexander Vinokurov. She has Russian and Israelian citizenship, but she may also be American because she was born in that country.

SVR (Foreign Intelligence service) head Sergey Naryshkin’s daughter travels to the US, swims in Bali and surfs while her father struggles with the intrigues of Western intelligence agencies

The athlete prefers to ski at the Sorochany ski resort near Moscow, but she goes to the islands of Indonesia to catch the waves. From the end of March to the end of April 2015, Veronika boarded in Bali.

For the May holidays of the same year, she was in Amsterdam. And just nine days later, on the other side of the planet, in Las Vegas. For the next few weeks, Naryshkina traveled to California, USA. In September, she returned to Bali to catch a wave.

Nikolai Mizulin is the son of Elena Mizulina, a member of the Federation Council

Mizulina is one of those who have shouted furiously from the rostrum on popular talk shows about ‘rotten values’, but despite this, her son Nikolai lives and works in Europe. He studied at the University of Bern and Oxford, and now works as a lawyer and lives in Brussels.

Nikolai’s mother is one of the most ardent opponents of the LGBT+ community and has even amended the law to ban gay propaganda, because, in her opinion, such relationships are “incomplete”. But the absurdity of the situation is that the son of a Kremlin propagandist is gay and married in the US to a man.

And finally, meet Daniel Soloviev, one of the eight children of the famous Russian propagandist Vladimir Soloviev

Social media reports that he has now signed a contract with an agency in London, where he works in the fashion industry. In photos, he appears with black painted nails and long blonde hair, also dyed. And that hardly goes hand in hand with his father’s much-loved “traditional values” of Russia.

Daniel is also credited with excusing him from mobilization. He allegedly said that he “cannot yet sign a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defence and go to defend Donbas, because he already has a contract with a London modeling agency.”

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