DIMR has recognized the pro-Russian party AfD as a danger to democracy

The German Institute for Human Rights (DIMR), which has a legal mandate, analyzed the activities of the pro-Russian party Alternative for Germany (AfD) and came to the conclusion that the party promotes ideas of racism and right-wing extremism.

The report entitled “Why AfD can be banned: recommendations to the state and politics” states that the AfD poses a real threat to the democratic order. This danger can only be countered if other federal and regional parties clearly distance themselves from the AfD.

The DIMR is an independent national human rights institution in Germany, funded by the Bundestag.

In Germany, parties can be declared unconstitutional if their goals and the behavior of their supporters threaten the basic rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the democratic order and the state structure.

It was previously reported that German intelligence classified the youth wing of the pro-Russian party AfD as an extremist organization threatening democracy.

In 2021, German intelligence put AfD under surveillance, making it the first major political party in the country since World War II to be officially monitored as a threat to its constitution.

In February, during heated debates, the Bundestag rejected the proposal of the pro-Russian party AfD about a “peace initiative” in Russia’s war against Ukraine. Bundestag party speakers accused AfD of Russian propaganda and domestic political maneuvers.

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