Eva Bartlett yet another “independent journalist” working for Russia

American-Canadian conspiracy theorist and propagandist. Eva is part of the “may be partially or wholly under the editorial control of the Russian government” gang.

She also did speaking tours around North America. Eventually, she moved on to Syrian civil war. These days Bartlett is very much in the same group of al-Assad and Putin apologists as the Grayzone blogger Max Blumenthal, Sonja van den Ende, and Vanessa Beeley.

She is one of the most popular propagandists in this group, and her videos have been viewed millions of times. Bartlett rose to notoriety in 2016, when she was doing some Russia and Syria-sponsored reporting from Syria. She stated in a video that there’s “overwhelming support” for president al-Assad in Syria, that the rescue organization White Helmets was Western propaganda and that “no one in eastern Aleppo has heard of them”. She accused the NGO of recycling actors and footage. Ironically,  she’s done this exact thing in her reports.Pekka Kallioniemi

In the same footage she suggested that the al-Quds hospital bombing was propaganda and never occurred. This message was of course spread by RT and Sputnik. Syrian government also staged a discussion between Bartlett and the UN.

All of these statements were naturally lies and were debunked by several outlets. For example, the advocacy group The Syria Campaign and the US-based think tank Atlantic Council have debunked many of Bartlett’s lies about the White Helmets.

As history has shown, these “independent journalists” often support most totalitarian regimes around the world: in 2017 Eva visited North Korea, and suggested that most of the misery and poverty in there was a result of American imperialism.

Since Apr, 2022, Bartlett has been reporting on Ukraine, sometimes selling her coverage of the events to RT. In Jul., 2022, she was one of the speakers at the International Public Tribunal on Ukraine, a propaganda event for defaming Ukraine and Ukrainians. 

Eva Bartlett has lived in Russia since 2019. She has almost 130k followers on Twitter and 48k followers on YouTube, which makes her a popular pro-Russian propagandist. 

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