Faces of Russian propaganda: Johnny Miller

First of all, this man keeps representing himself as a British journalist. He is an Iranian journalist with British citizenship, actually. He works for Iranian state-owned English-language channel Press-TV, created to promote Iran to the world.

This channel is controlled by the same mullah regime that has ruled since 1979 and destroyed any sprouts of a free press in Iran. The same regime that is now brutally suppressing protests, and the same regime that is a key ally of Russia and supplies drones used to attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

Therefore it is useless to expect any serious, unbiased journalism from Miller. However, he likes to emphasize how unbiased he is in contrast to “mainstream” Western journalists – somewhat strange statements from a person who is literally on the payroll of Islamic religious fundamentalists.

Accordingly, everything that Miller does in Ukraine is connected in one way or another with Russian propaganda. If he gives an interview, it is an interview with Radio Sputnik’s George Galloway, a fellow pro-Russian propagandist.

He reports only from occupied territories of Ukraine, where he enters illegally through Russia, having all the permits from his Russian curators (just wonder what would happen to him in case of any criticism towards Russia).

There was no assessment of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine in his reports. Instead, Moscow likes Miller’s work, so he visited the occupied territory many times. We will cite only a few cases: Mariupol, where he freely met with the leaders of the occupation administration (he was in the city in May and November), Donetsk (November), Melitopol (November), and other occupied parts of Ukraine.

The main themes of the reports, unsurprisingly, coincide with the constant themes of Russian propaganda

– “Since 2014, Ukraine oppressed the Russian-speaking population and bombed Donbas, because of this the Russian-speaking uprising began. This is a civil war”. Instead, Russia started war against Ukraine back in 2014. Since that time fightings was organized and sponsored by Russia, and the first fighters were also from there.

– “Both Russia and Ukraine are attacking the energy infrastructure”, so we must understand and accept Russia’s actions. Truth is, Ukraine never targeted civilian infrastructure deliberately and in such scale as a Russia. 

– “In the occupied territories, majority of people support Russia” – (especially if they are specially selected pro-Russian speakers by Miller himself)

– Miller’ reports from Mariupol are from areas that were not destroyed by Russian artillery, aviation, and tanks. By this he proves the thesis of Russian propaganda that normal life in the city has been restored. It certainly does not occur to him to ask the question, what would have happened if Russia had not attacked?

– Miller writes with pleasure how everything is good with water, electricity, and communication in Donetsk and how bad everything is in Kyiv

– He repeats the thesis of Russian propaganda about NATO’s direct participation in the war in Ukraine

So, if someone speaks as a pro-Russian propagandist, visits the occupied territories as a pro-Russian propagandist, has close ties with other such propagandists, works for the state TV channel of a country that is Russia’s main ally, repeats Russian propaganda theses – he is a pro-Russian propagandist indeed, no matter how much he declares himself as a “Johnny Miller, British journalist”.

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