France joins Ukraine in the battle for cultural liberty against Russian aggression

On the eve of the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a large delegation from France arrived in the capital. The delegation included French Minister of culture Rima Abdul-Malak, world-famous French actress Carole Bouquet, Jonathan Littell, director of the Louvre Laurence des Cars, and executive director of the ALIPH Foundation Valerie Freeland.

These arrivals indicate that France intends to seriously contribute to the development of Ukrainian culture. These actions will also help reduce the impact of Russian propaganda and its spread on the minds of French citizens at the expense of cultural agents of Russian influence.

Currently, Ukraine and France are jointly implementing a number of large projects, including:
– Creation of a fund to support Ukrainian cinema
– Creation of a fund to support Ukrainian literature (translations of French books into Ukrainian and vice versa)
– Conducting large-scale Ukrainian cultural seasons in France
– “Out of blackout” exhibitions
– Support for digitization of the heritage sector
– Sanctions against Russian propagandists and the fight against Russian disinformation and propaganda.

France, which is the leader of the cultural sphere in Europe, understands what this war is for: for cultural liberty, traditions and identity. Culture becomes a shield that protects Ukraine and protects Europe from Russian propaganda.

We express our sincere satisfaction with France’s support not only in the sphere of military aid, but also in the cultural and information sphere, in the struggle for justice and truth.

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