How the Russian Wagner group turns convicts into kamikaze-pilots

The Russian private military group “Wagner” received fighter jets from the Russian Defense Ministry for the war in Ukraine. Now shocking information on the “Wagner” pilots has been shared.

According to Channel 24’s sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian military group recruits prisoners and turns them into kamikaze pilots.

“Wagner” fighters become kamikaze pilots in the Ukraine war

Having suffered severe losses in the war against Ukraine, Russia has serious problems with qualified pilots. But the “Wagner”‘ owner Evgeny Prigozhin has his view on warfare. In his opinion, neither the pilot nor the aircraft matters. The main thing is to complete the task at any cost, even if it is senseless.

Last week the Ukrainian military downed a Russian Su-24M, killing the crew, in the Donetsk region. The aircraft commander Antonov Alexander and navigator Nikishin Vladimir. These “Wagner” fighters are just new figures in the statistics of the Russian group’s losses in the combat missions in Ukraine.

Russia tries to show former prisoners as heroes

In order not to hide these facts, Russian propaganda tries to make a hero out of any criminal. Thus, the Russian propaganda, and the Wagner owner Evgeny Prigozhin himself, posted a video of two coffins being sent to Russia and portrayed the two killed pilots of the group as heroes. 

The “Wagner” fighters, recruited in Russian prisons, have little choice: to die or to die. They already understand that they will die. To do it on board a fighter is more prestigious to them.

No one counts the losses among the “Wagnerites.” In this case, everything is much simpler because the liquidated prisoners are recorded in the column of disappeared people. 

Meanwhile, the losses of Russians are growing daily. Ukrainian armed forces eliminated 98,800 invading Russian soldiers, as of December 19.

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