Innovations and decisions: Germany’s discussion on providing arms to Ukraine

The German government may reconsider its position regarding the potential supply of advanced Western fighter jets to Ukraine. According to the Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius, they are currently in the process of reassessment and evaluating possible steps to be taken. He noted that a clear position on arms transfer is expected to be determined within the next two weeks.

The Minister also mentioned that Germany should review its policy, which has been in place for the past decades.

“German society and German politics have indeed changed their mindset. If someone had told me two years ago that Germany would invest three to five billion euros in heavy weaponry, I would not have believed it,” added the head of the German Ministry of Defense.

In the past, Pistorius has already mentioned that Germany is considering support for a coalition of countries planning to train Ukrainian pilots in operating F-16 fighter jets. Additionally, the Commander-in-Chief of the German Air Force, Ingo Gerhartz, stated that Berlin could help in the form of infrastructure or training on fighter aircraft.

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