Is Marina Ovsyannikova just another “talking head” for Putin propaganda?

Marina Ovsyannikova, who famously protested against Russian aggression, recently appeared on Italian TV.
She criticized sanctions against Russia, called them “Russophobia” and claimed that “only Putin” is responsible for the war – and Russian people should not suffer from them, as they have nothing to do with this.
Or at least that’s what Ovsyannikova wants us to believe.
Of course, this is simply not the truth. Saying this is the same as saying that only Hitler was responsible for all the Nazi crimes, and the population of Germany had nothing to do with it.

Why Russians should take collective responsibility for the war

But let’s look closer at Marina. What if her image of an oppositioner against regime was fabricated from the very start? Let’s verify integrity of this fairytale of a Russian propagandist who turn into anti-war protestor.

Marina Ovsyannikova, editor of the Russian state owned “Channel 1”, broke onto a live news broadcast to protest against War in Ukraine. This action was praised all over the world as a brave move against Putin regime. But was this protest spontaneous? Or was it staged? We found 5 reasons why it looks like another piece of russian propaganda.

Marina works on the most important state-owned channel in Russia. It’s headquarters are well guarded and stuffed with security cameras. Marina could NEVER bring an anti-war poster past to the news set.

Editor works in a separate room, not on set. If editor comes to the set, especially with a poster, it will raise lots of questions among the channel staff. Nobody tried to stop Marina as she went in front of the camera.

The newscaster didn’t even react to the appearance of a intruder. This is Ekaterina Andreeva, fanatic Stalinist. Do you think she would sit there as if nothing was happening?

There is no such thing as prime time in Russia. All Russian TV shows are recorded either before the release, or at least with a time gap – specifically to prevent any unplanned accidents. Ovsyannikova’s so-called “protest” got live. Everything was ready to stop newscasting with a pause – but nobody did it.

Marina Ovsyannikova served Putin regime for years, spreading fakes and advocating Russian aggression against other countries.
Do you think she really is repenting? Did Goebbels repent?
Or maybe this is just another staged fake, so that world doesn’t impose further sanctions on Russia. The world will not be fooled.
All Russians are responsible for this aggression. Not just Putin. Everyone.

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