“Kill all Ukrainians including their babies” – Open Video Polling in Russia

A Russian pensioner calls for the extermination of all Ukrainians down to babies. In addition, the woman has claims against Poland as well.

Right on the street while talking to a journalist, the Russian woman said that nationalists live in Ukraine and Poland and all of them should be exterminated.

“And the Poles are nationalists. They should be finished off there – the Ukrainians to the last, and their children should be killed. It’s rotten and needs to be destroyed. The whole population of Ukrainians should be killed, right down to the babies. This rot has spread, and now they do not like us. They are not our brothers and sisters”

Real Fascism in Russia

Fascists who call others “fascists” are fascism taken to its illogical extreme, a cult of the absurd. It is the ultimate point at which hate speech makes white black and propaganda are based on persistence alone. Branding others with the word “fascist” and being a fascist yourself is the main method of Putinism. The American philosopher Jason Stanley calls it “subversive propaganda”, I call it “schizo-fascism”. The most elegant formulation is given by the Ukrainians: “Rashism”.

As in the 1930s, democracy around the world is in retreat and the fascists started a war with their neighbors. If Russia wins in Ukraine, it will not just be the destruction of democracy by force (which in itself is already bad). Democracies around the world will be demoralized. Russia’s friends – Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban, and Tucker Carlson – fought against democracy before the war. The victories of the fascists on the battlefield will confirm that he who is stronger is right, and the reason is for losers. That democracy must be defeated.

If Ukraine did not resist, it would be a dark spring for the democrats of the world. If Ukraine did not win, decades of darkness would ensue.

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