Major Hungarian Opposition Party Condemns Russian Missiles Attack on Ukraine

The TISZA movement, which came second in the European Parliament elections, believes Russia continues its aggressive actions while Prime Minister Orbán “claims to be engaged in peacekeeping.”

According to the statement, TISZA “most resolutely” condemns attacks on Ukrainian civilians, including children, and medical facilities, and expects the same condemnation from the Hungarian government.

The leader of the Hungarian opposition, Péter Magyar also announced a humanitarian aid collection for Ukrainian children and is preparing to depart to Kyiv as a representative of his political force and the Hungarian people because he “cannot do otherwise as a father” after seeing the footage of the “Okhmatdyt” hospital being hit. He called on Hungarians to join the aid collection and condemned Russian aggression, in contrast to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who did not comment on the recent attacks.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who recently visited Kyiv, Moscow, and Beijing on a self-proclaimed “peace mission” regarding Ukraine, has yet to comment on the massive rocket bombardment on Monday, which has resulted in the confirmed deaths of 38 people.

The mayor of the Hungarian capital Budapest, Gergely Koracsonyi, condemned Russia’s massive missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, including the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in Kyiv, and also criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orban for his visit to Moscow a days before.

Today, on July 9, Kyiv declared a Day of Mourning. Flags on all city buildings will be at half-mast. All entertainment events are prohibited.

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