Millions in enemy losses in occupied Crimea: What are the Russian propagandists keeping quiet about?

The Russian media expectedly turned a blind eye to the explosions in occupied Saki. Skabeyeva and Solovyov did not discuss this topic at all, and on other channels they devoted no more than a minute to it.

The main thesis: “Although Kyiv rushed to pass everything off as a consequence of their strike, there is nothing to point to shelling or the actions of saboteurs. Propagandists are only allowed to talk about “minor damage.

In fact, the losses from the fire at the Saki airfield are estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

The Air Forces of the AFU stated that about a dozen aircraft were destroyed as a result of the incident in Saki. In particular, Su-30SM (worth about $30 million), Su-24MR ($5 million), Su-34 ($36 million) and Il-76 (about $83 million).

Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins analyzed the space images of the base, pointing at significant destructions, many burned planes and broken buildings. He suggested that the explosion of planes and ammunition caused a large-scale fire, which then spread throughout the base.

If indeed the warehouses were burned as well (and it looks like more than one), the total cost of the explosion in Saki has already cost the Russians at least tens of millions of dollars.

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