Mysterious Ally: Who Will Help the Netherlands Arm Ukraine?

The Netherlands, together with another country, is preparing to supply Ukraine with the Patriot system. On Friday, outgoing Defense Minister Keesa Ollongren announced the successful assembly of the components needed to form a complete system.

Ollongren did not disclose the name of the second country involved in the delivery, emphasizing that this country should make the announcement on its own. She added that the project has been a long-term effort.

The Patriot systems are key to shooting down enemy missiles, making them important to Ukraine’s air defense. Ollongren emphasized that this defense plays a critical role in countering Russian attacks, which continue and intensify.

Ollongren called this week’s announcement of the Patriot system to Romania “very good news.” The minister also noted that the United States is increasing its assistance to the Ukrainian military. Last week, a new list of air defense assistance to Ukraine was drawn up in Brussels. Ollongren emphasized that “all the components” are already on the table.

The Netherlands has previously supplied components for the Patriot system, including missiles and launchers. Ukraine has announced the need for seven more Patriot systems, and Germany has also promised additional deliveries.

Although the delivery will not bring the total number of systems to seven, Ollongren believes that every expansion is important because “the Russians are continuing and even intensifying their air strikes.” She refrained from announcing the date of arrival of the Patriot system in Ukraine to avoid giving the Russian military any information.

This decision of the Netherlands is not only an act of support for Ukraine, but also a strategic step in response to possible threats from Russia. Given Russia’s aggressive foreign policy and its actions in Ukraine, it can be assumed that Moscow may view such supplies as a threat to its interests and react aggressively. This, in turn, could increase the risks of cyberattacks or other forms of hybrid warfare against countries that support Ukraine, including the Netherlands.

Thus, support for Ukraine through the supply of Patriot systems not only strengthens its defense capabilities, but also demonstrates the determination of the Netherlands and its allies to counter Russian threats, even while realizing the potential risks to their own security.

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