No money, no love: Depardieu closes his business in Moscow

French actor Gerard Depardieu, who was handed a passport by Russian President Putin, is closing his production center in Russia.

Gerard Depardieu has decided to close his business in Moscow, namely his production center “PC JD”. It was reported by Russian state propaganda media, DW informs. However, this decision comes not because Russia is a terrorist country, but because there is no more work and money there.

Gerard Depardieu closes his production center in Russia

This decision was announced in a comment to the propaganda media by the producer and friend of Gerard Depardieu Arnaud Frilly. He stressed that the closure of the center “is in no way related to the current situation because of the war in Ukraine.”

The French actor with a Russian passport was prompted to take such a step by a pause in projects because he loses a lot of money due to the downtime after the suspension of activities.

“This firm was created to develop audiovisual projects. Without any activity, this structure is useless, as it requires costs even during downtime. The new structure can be opened when there are more specifics about the projects”, – Depardieu’s colleague said.

Moreover, Arnaud Frilly assured Russian propagandists that his star friend is “very motivated to participate in projects in Russia”.

Because of the war, which the producer again called a crisis, Depardieu’s team stopped working on the film about the Normandy-Neman squadron, which was filmed in the Kaliningrad region, but he plans to wait and resume cooperation with the aggressor state. All to demonstrate the Russian-French brotherhood – to show how French pilots fought on the side of the USSR in World War II.

“This is a Russian-French project. After the crisis began, the French side withdrew from the project, but we still hope that we will be able to implement it in one way or another,” Frilly said.

How Depardieu is connected with Russia and what he says about the war

Recall that in 2013 Gerard Depardieu received his Russian passport from Putin’s hands. He solemnly handed it over at the residence on the Black Sea coast.

In March, the actor asked to stop the war, but repeated Russian propaganda, calling Ukrainians and Russians fraternal peoples: “Russia and Ukraine have always been brotherly countries. Stop the fighting and negotiate”.

Instead, in April, Gerard Depardieu condemned Russian dictator Putin for “insane acts” in Ukraine, but defended Russians, who allegedly “is not responsible for the crazy, unacceptable excesses of their leaders.”

As we can see, without money, the love for Moscow of the agents of Russian influence melts down.

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