Now they’ll never compete in the Olympics: How Russia kills Ukrainian athletes

The project “Angels of Sport: a requiem for fallen Ukrainian athletes” was launched by the Sports Committee of Ukraine in April 2022. First, the website “Requiem” was set up. On it, more than one and a half hundred stories about the dead Ukrainian athletes killed by Russia were published.

“RussiaVsWorld” presents some of them.

Oleksandr Suprunov

The track and field athlete Oleksandr Suprunov from Mariupol has died for Ukraine. He was a multiple champion of Ukrainian and international WTKA kickboxing competitions. He fought at Azovstal in Mariupol, where the Ukrainian military made a heroic and militarily decisive last stand against overwhelming Russian forces.

Oleksandr Onoshko

Oleksandr Onoshko, a Master of Sport in cycling and two-time champion of Ukraine in rowing, was killed in Mariupol. In March 2022 he was wounded in the leg and died of blood loss.

Volodymyr Lavrenyuk

Volodymyr Lavrenyuk was a candidate for the Master of Sport in sports tourism. Under heavy enemy fire in the settlement of Vesela Dolyna, near Bakhmut, Lavrenyuk gave his life so that 80 of his comrades could return to fight another day.

Roman Zakharov

Roman Zakharov was a 10-year-old boxing trainer who died during the siege of Mariupol. He was killed while cooking in his garden.

Halyna Popovska

Halyna Popovska devoted herself to sport for 40 years, first as an athlete, then as a coach in shot put. She held the rank of a first-class judge in athletics. On 8 September, she was killed together with her husband in a Russian bombardment of Zaytseve, Donetsk oblast.

Viktor Tkachuk

Viktor Tkachuk was putting out a fire in one of Mariupol’s skyscrapers when he was shot dead by a Russian sniper. Originally from Volyn, he first played in Styr FC and moved to Mariupol in 2000, where he began his coaching career. He was a coach at Azovstal Junior High School.

These and many other sportsmen can not participate in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games because Russia and Belarus killed them. Why should Russian and Belarusian athletes be able to compete where these Ukrainian athletes will never get the chance?

The Olympic Committee should prevent Russians from participating in the Olympic Games in any way. The tolerance of the citizens of the Russian Federation towards the actions of their army makes them collectively responsible for the war against Ukraine. Moreover, among the Russian athletes, most are military personnel who have military ranks and awards. So it is not a case of “participation without a flag”, but a complete disqualification.

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