Operational information as of 12.00 on 08.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The thirteenth day of heroic opposition of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues.
The enemy continues the offensive operation against Ukraine with the support of aircraft and the use of precision-guided munition.
The occupiers continue to put main efforts on creating conditions for the capture of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Mariupol, Mykolayiv and access to the administrative borders of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.
At the same time, there are signs of readiness of the military-political leadership of the Republic of Belarus for the possible large-scale participation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in hostilities against Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation. Partial regrouping of the ground forces and SSO of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus was carried out. In particular, in the Brest region there are one BTGr from 38 odshbr (Brest) and 103 opdbr (Vitebsk) of the Armed Forces of Belarus; in the area of Oleksandrivka (the area of the border checkpoint in the area of the village of Vilcha, Kyiv region) – 2 BTGr 38 units; in the area of Kirovo (Polissya Radiation Reserve) – 2 BTGr 103 opdbr.
The above-mentioned units have been transferred to a higher level of combat readiness, but the moral and psychological condition of the personnel is extremely low. Most servicemen are aware of future actions and do not want to fight on the side of the Russian Armed Forces.
Consolidated units 29, 35, 36 A and VAT continue to be kept on the border in the Poliske – Demydiv district.
In the direction of Dimer are units of 98 SDAs and 45 SPR, no active action is observed.
In the area of ​​Bucha enemy units from BTGr 76 and 98 VAT VAT are trying to keep the city, units 155 obrmp enemy assigned to restore combat capability.
To conduct offensive actions in the direction of Fastiv recruited additional enemy forces.
In the direction of Ivankov’s enemy units of the occupying forces of the 35th Army in cooperation with 36 Omsbr (Borzya) 29th Army continue to conduct an offensive.
After significant losses, enemy is restoring the combat capability of BTGr from the composition of 106 SDAs and 98 VATs of VAT in the area of Irpen.
The enemy is trying to block Chernihiv with the help of units from the 2nd, 41st Armies and 90th TDs.
The main forces of the 74th OMSBR continue to rebuild the pontoon crossing and will soon try to cross the Desna River.
In the Glukhov district, the enemy, with forces of up to five BTGs from the 90th Infantry Division and four BTGs from the 2nd Army of the Central Military District, tried to organize an offensive from the previously created frontier. He was unsuccessful, the offensive was stopped.
Due to irreparable losses in the Kharkiv region, units of the 25th Omsbr (Luga) of the 6th Army left the combat zone and returned to the area of Nekhoteevka of the Belgorod region for the implementation of measures to restore combat capability.
Up to seven BTGr 1, 2 AK and 150th MSD of the 8th Army of the occupiers do not give up the idea of conducting offensive operations in the direction of the Dnieper and Zaporozhye in order to reach the administrative borders of Donetsk region. An unsuccessful attempt to attack in the area of Trinity. The enemy is trying to resume the offensive and capture Mariupol. The nomination of 2 BTGr 71 MSP (Kalinovskaya) 42 MSD to Gulyaypole, Orikhiv.
The enemy carried out offensive operations in the direction of Ternivka, suffered significant losses and returned to areas of concentration in the area of Kapustine, Balovne, Novomatviyivske.
The enemy did not take active action in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas. Missile strikes on government and military targets from Black Sea Fleet and Caspian Flotilla ships are likely.
Let’s win together! We keep the system! Victory will be OURS!
Glory to Ukraine!

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